Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Mire of When

"God, how long do I have to cry out for help before You listen?".....
God says, "Look long and hard.  Brace yourself for a shock.  Something is about to take place, and you're going to find it hard to believe."
Habbakuk 1:1-5 MSG

Tonight, I find myself in Habbakuk's shoes asking "God, are you listening to me?"  When I don't hear God speak or see Him move as quick as I want Him to, I can feel so discouraged and disappointed.  My eyes can only see what is NOT happening, and I can find myself in a ridiculous pity party.  I know better, I have seen God work amazingly in my life countless times, but I still doubt foolishly.  I am just like Habbakuk crying out in self-imposed frustration. Our doubts cloud our view of who we know God to be.  He is the One that will answer revealing His beautiful will to us in His perfect timing.  He told Habbakuk, "Hold on, open your eyes wide and clear, peer through them deeply at Me, you will see My great will taking place for your very best."  This is the lens I want to look through when I find myself sinking in the mire of when.

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