Saturday, July 12, 2014

Learning to Let Go

The moment your child is born he or she is no longer always with you tucked warmly and securely in your womb. You are excited to meet this little person that has been growing inside you for 9 months.  Once born, your joy of holding this little person in your arms is some of the greatest you will ever know.  You love your child instantly and forever.  I remember those moments so vividly, the love, the magic of new life, and the wanting to always protect this precious baby.

Little did I know, that being a Mama is always learning to let go.

The early days of being home with a new baby, you let go of your baby to the care of Daddy or Grandam because you are on the brink of exhaustion.  Oh how hard it is, to trust others to take care of your baby.  You want to do everything yourself and do that everything perfectly.  But you let go anyway, because you can't take care of your sweetheart, if you don't take care of yourself.

Six weeks fly by if you have to return to work, you find yourself filled with anxiety and tears over leaving your baby at daycare.  You feel guilty and overwhelmed for having to do it for financial reasons, or for you as a Mama that needs to work for the balance it brings to your life.  Whatever the reason for you returning to work, you let go, and you find the first days are the hardest, but you find you and your baby find a daily rhythm.

Next thing you know, it's kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school, then college or moving out.  Thankfully, I am not even to the kindergarten stage yet, but the time is still fleeting, always passing too fast.  Though, how sweet is the time, I have with my child, breathing in the joys of her new experiences, her innocence, and most importantly her unabashed love for me.  These things far outweigh the moments that sting of the letting go.  You see the letting go is the door opening to the next round of learning, growing, stretching, seeking, living life to the fullest, and loving wholeheartedly.  Rest in that and find comfort in that, as change is the one constant you have being a Mama.

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